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Making Children a National Political Priority
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Established July 20th, 2001 the Every Child Matters Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan organization working to make public investments in children, youth, and families a national political priority. 

What makes ECM different is that we focus on raising the visibility of children’s issues during elections.  We urge candidates to support, and the public to demand, greater investments in programs that address the needs of America's families.

Overall, Every Child Matters promotes the adoption of smart policies for children and youth, including:

  • Ensuring that children have access to affordable, comprehensive health care services
  • Expanding early-care and learning opportunities and after-school programs
  • Preventing violence against children in their homes and communities
  • Alleviating child poverty.
ECM’s strategies to reach these goals include:

  • Conducting candidate and policy-maker education
  • Undertaking earned & paid media, including OpEds, letters-to-the-editor, billboards, radio ads, and newspaper ads
  • Carrying out direct public education and outreach campaigns
  • Distributing resources, information, and state-specific data on the status of children and youth
  • Communicating with our network of tens of thousands of child advocates in local communities
  • Building strategic partnerships with state and local child advocacy and child-serving organizations.

Helping children survive and thrive so that they have the opportunity to grow up to be contributing citizens must be a top priority for our government.  Failing our children today is not just morally wrong; it is counterproductive - ultimately leaving us less competitive in the global economy.

For Every Child Matters latest financial information, click here. An external audit report is available here.