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Making Children a National Political Priority
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Health Care

While the recently enacted comprehensive health reform bill will ensure that most children and youth receive timely and comprehensive medical attention, those children covered under Medicaid may be at risk if states’ budget problems continue.

The Solutions

  • Immunizations save money, improve children’s health throughout their lives, and provide substantial economic benefits – The Centers for Disease Control estimates, for every dollar spent on childhood immunizations, between $6 and $30 are saved in direct medical costs from diseases prevented.
  • Insuring all children, as well as adults, will improve the economy – The potential economic value to be gained in better health outcomes from continuous coverage for all Americans is estimated to be between $65 and $130 billion each year.
  • And because dental care is the single greatest unmet needfor health services among children,
    • ensure that Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program – the programs that serve  low-income children – work better for kids and for providers so that insurance coverage translates into real access to needed care
    • expand sealant programs for kids who need them most
    • help expand access to optimally fluoridated water
    • expand the number of professionals who can provide dental care to low-income children